Adele is officially the wealthiest musician under 30 as The Sunday Times releases its Rich List for 2017

The Sunday Times releases its latest Rich List for 2017.

Adele is the world's richest musician under the age of 30, according to the latest edition of The Sunday Times' Rich List unveiled today (May 4). 

The singer, who appears on the 'full' Rich List for the first time, is also the wealthiest female performer within the Top 20 of the Music Rich List. Adele's fortune has increased by a whopping £40 million over the last year, meaning she is worth an estimated £125 million. The drinks are on her!

Adele's boost in royalties and earnings sees her overtake Enya as the richest woman in music; last year the Hello singer's fortune was £85 million compared to the Irish star's £91 million.

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Finishing top of the list are Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell; the two are worth an estimated £780 million, an increase of £20 million following a successful McCartney greatest hits release and touring schedule. While on the road last year, crowned Paul with a special Record Breaker award for being the most successful UK albums act of all time.

Meanwhile, his wife Nancy has substantial earnings in her own right; she is worth a cool £150 million. 

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is in second place with a worth of £740 million; up £25 million from last year thanks to the success of his 30-strong roster of musical productions running across the globe.

Completing the Top 5 are U2, Sir Elton John and Sir Mick Jagger, the latter of which, like his Rolling Stones bandmates Keith Richards and Charlie Watts (also in the Top 20), have seen their wealth climb by £15 million (£10m for Charlie). 2016 was a huge year for The Stones; their album Blue & Lonesome hit Number 1 in the UK and was the second fastest-selling LP of the year with over 100,000 copies sold in one week.

Other names in music that feature in the Top 20 and have seen in a spike in their earnings include Eric Clapton, Sir Rod Stewart, Sir Tom Jones and Robbie Williams. 

The Sunday Times Rich List will be published in full in the paper this Sunday. For more information on who else has made the overall list, and the music list, click here.

The Sunday Times' Music Rich List Top 20 is as follows:

1. (1) Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell - £780m (+£20m)

2. (2) Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber - £740m (+£25m)

3. (3) U2 - £548m (+£48m)

4. (4) Sir Elton John - £290m (+£10m)

5. (5) Sir Mick Jagger - £250m (+£15m)

6. (6) Keith Richards - £235m (+£15m)

7. (6) Olivia and Dhani Harrison - £210m (-£10m)

8= (9) Michael Flatley - £200m (+£2m)

8= (8) Ringo Starr - £200m (No Change)

10. (10) Sting - £185m (No Change)

11= (11) Eric Clapton - £170m (+£10m)

11= (11) Sir Rod Stewart - £170m (+£10m)

13. (11) Roger Waters - £165m (+£5m)

14. (14) Sir Tom Jones - £160m (+£5m)

15. (15) Sir Tim Rice - £152m (+£2m)

16. (16) Robbie Williams - £150m (+£5m)

17. (17) Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - £140m (+£5m)

18. (18) Charlie Watts - £130m (+£10m)

19= (30) Adele - £125m (+£40m)

19= (18) Brian May £125m (+£5m)

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