Acts that have held Number 1 and 2 on the Official Singles Chart

It's a feat that only a few acts have managed in the chart's 60-year history.

Back in January 2017, Ed Sheeran joined an elite group of acts to hold Numbers 1 and 2 on the Official Singles Chart in the same week.

In fact, he was the first ever to debut at 1 and 2 with new songs in the same week - others who have claimed spots 1 and 2 in the same week have done so where at least one of the tracks had already been on the chart for several weeks. But was Ed's story of hogging of the Top 2 spots over with? Aww hell no!

Below are the other acts who have held the top two songs simultaneously on the Official Singles Chart:

The Beatles

The Fab Four have occupied Number 1 and 2 on the chart on two separate occasions. The first was in December 1963, when I Want To Hold Your Hand and She Loves You held 1 and 2 respectively for three consecutive weeks. Look back at the chart here.

The group managed it again in December 1967 when Hello Goodbye (1) and accompanying Magical Mystery Tour EP (2) held at their posts for three weeks

John Travolta

The world was going mad for Grease in the late 1978, and unsurprisingly, its accompanying soundtrack was dominating the Official Chart. For a single week in November that year, leading man Danny - sorry, John Travolta - held Number 1 and 2 on the chart with Summer Nights (with Olivia Newton-John) and Sandy.

John Lennon

Following his untimely death in December 1980, John's music soared back up the Official Chart, with Imagine and Happy Xmas (War Is Over) holding 1 and 2 respectively in January 1981. Three weeks later, Imagine was still at Number 1, but Woman - the first official single issued after his death - climbed to 2. John was the first soloist in chart history to sit at Numbers 1 and 2 on two separate occasions.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The Holly Johnson-fronted band were a global sensation when their debut single Relax topped the Official Chart in January 1984. Follow-up song Two Tribes arrived six months later and was immediately a hit and debuted at Number 1, though Relax was still going strong, and for two weeks in July that year, they held the Top 2 spots simultaneously.

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After a string of near-misses for Number 1 with singles including Like A Virgin and Material Girl, Madonna finally bagged the UK's top spot for four weeks with Into The Groove in July/August 1985. During the same time, her debut single Holiday had been reissued in the UK, and for a single week the songs held spots 1 and 2 on the Official Chart. 

Justin Bieber

The Canadian superstar holds his own Official UK Chart record for being the first to occupy Numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the chart in January 2016, but a month prior to that, he held positions 1 and 2 with Love Yourself and Sorry. And Bieber being Bieber, he managed the feat again last August with Cold Water (ft. Major Lazer) and Let Me Love You (DJ Snake).

Then in May 2017, he joined Ed Sheeran as the only act to manage three different stints at the top two positions when Despacito (Remix) and I'm The One sat comfortably at the top. In total, Justin has sat at Numbers 1 and 2 for 13 non-consecutive weeks, meaning he holds the record.

Ed Sheeran

Where do we start with Ed Sheeran's ÷ success? The album achieved feats that no-one thought possible, including claiming all of the Top 5 on the Official Singles Chart in the same week. Unreal.

Not only did that happen, but Ed has also sat at Numbers 1 and 2 across three different incarnations. Shape of You was the constant at Number 1, while Castle on the Hill, How Do You Feel (Paean) and Galway Girl have all trailed it at Number 2. Shape of You and Castle on the Hill's back-to-back spell is the longest consecutive reign in history, with five weeks. Galway Girl didn't want to be outdone though, and managed five weeks at Number 2 behind Shape of You as well. As you do.

Flash forward to December, and Ed then claimed the Christmas Number 1, with Perfect, plus River, the Eminem song he features on, was at 2. Overall, Ed has (so far) sat at Numbers 1 and 2 concurrently over 13 non-consecutive weeks, and tied Bieber's record as of January 2018.

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