ABBA's Frida gives rare interview on Voyage and if there could be more new music: "Never say never"

The Swedish pop legend refused to rule out ABBA returning (again!) following the success of Voyage.

ABBA member Anna-Frid Lyngstad (known as Frida) has given a rare interview, discussing her band's long-awaited reunion with new album Voyage. 

Frida and Agnetha Falkstog have so far declined to do any press for Voyage or the upcoming live shows featuring digitised ABBA-tars. 

But speaking to Zoe Ball on Radio 2 this morning, Frida touched on a variety of topics - including if this really is the last we've heard from ABBA, given Benny Bjorn's comments that this really is it.

"I have learnt to say ‘never to say never’ and I’m very surprised that Benny and Bjorn [apparently have]," she said. 

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"I cannot remember [saying] this must be the last thing we do because [I'm also] thinking of our ages, you know, we are not young any longer and you never know,  but I’m saying you never know so don’t be too sure."

Frida also revealed something of a mystery behind the inner workings of ABBA - how she and Agnetha decide who sings what in each song, calling her bandmate a "wonderful storyteller."

"if I [do] not feel comfortable with a song and I know that this would be perfect for Agnetha then I just say it," Frida admitted. "We are very honest with each other. I would never do anything that I would know I wouldn’t do so well as Agnetha can."

It's turning out to be a very exciting week for ABBA - who are heading for their 10th UK Number 1 album with Voyage this Friday. It would be their first studio album to top the charts since The Visitors in 1981 and is even challenging Ed Sheeran's Equals to become the fastest-selling album of the year so far

Article Image: Baillie Walsh