5 random chart facts of the week to make you go "oooooh"

Quirks, highlights and fun facts from this week's Official Chart.

Why should geeks and nerds get all the fun? Now anyone can know loads of Very Important Things with our quick roundup of fun facts from the Official Chart this week.

Harry Styles is Number 1 this week with Sign of the Times – thanks to Ed Sheeran's mammoth stint at the top, Harry's only the second new Number 1 of 2017. At 5:41, Sign of the Times is one of the longest Number 1s in a while. The last time a chart-topper went over five minutes – in its single version – was Martin Garrix's Animals, which spent a week at Number 1 in November 2013.

Staying with the theme of, erm, length, it's 20 years this week since Blur's Song 2, which is one of the shortest songs to chart at a mere 2:02, went in at – you've guessed it – Number 2! The track has sold 370,300 copies and notched up 16.7 million plays since we started counting in 2014. It's still pretty popular – it hasn't dropped below 100 downloads a week since June 2006.

It's Easter weekend! Yay! Sadly Easter isn't as well represented in the charts as Christmas is – that's Christmas all over, eh, what a show off. Only one song called Easter has made the Top 40, reaching 34 in 1990 for Marillion. Only one song with "egg" in the title has charted, thanks to Flowered Up's double A-side Egg Rush/It's On hitting 38 in 1991. But when it comes to chocolate, we're really cooking. There have been eight Top 40s with a chocolate flavour, from the likes of Kylie, The 1975, and Bros. TWO chocolatey songs have gone Number 1: South Park Chef's "hilarious" Chocolate Salty Balls in 1998 and Shanks & Bigfoot's Sweet Like Chocolate in 1999.

Our Twitter mate @cabellosglory wanted to know what Little Mix's best selling non-single was and we were only too happy to do a little digging! The honour goes to Oops, featuring Charlie Puth, which was never an official single but, thanks to a performance on The X Factor, managed to reach Number 41 all by itself. It's sold 35,500 copies and notched up 14.7 million plays.

Highest new entry on this week's Official Albums Chart is the Chainsmokers' Memories: Do Not Open. Only two other albums with the word "memories" in the title have made the Top 10. The first was Scottish band Travis, who took 12 Memories to Number 3 in 2003, while the big one was One Direction's Midnight Memories, the band's fourth album, which hit the top in 2013. Midnight Memories has sold 881,300 copies and it's still finding new fans – over the last year it's been selling an average of 115 copies a week.