Register Releases

For your releases to count towards the Official Charts, you must ensure that you register your physical and digital formats with the relevant organisations. This is to ensure that all sales are tracked and allocated to your release correctly. To do this, you should follow these steps.


If you have a distributor, they should be including the details of your releases in the “Release File” they send electronically to Millward Brown. Even if this is the case, it is always best to check that the information submitted is listed correctly. This can be done by contacting either Millward Brown or the Official Charts Company directly.


If you do not have a distributor, you will need to register your release with Millward Brown directly.  Email to register your releases. Physical formats can be registered using a template that Millward Brown will provide. To register digital formats you will need access to an online application called Tornado. Again, email to request a Tornado account.  Millward Brown will need the following details: Catalogue Number, Barcode, Artist, Title, Record Company Hierarchy, Published Dealer Price and Release Date, as well as details of each track of the release, including ISRC’s.


Send a finished copy of all physical formats of the product to our chart compilers, Millward Brown, c/o The Chart Unit, Millward Brown UK, Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, CV34 6RJ. Millward Brown will then ensure that the product is added to the product file to match to once sales information is received. Also send a finished copy of all physical formats of the product to the Official Charts Company.


Once you have registered your releases with Millward Brown you do need to ensure that all the retailers you wish to sell through are also aware of your release. Once again, if you have a distributor they should do this on your behalf. Alternatively, if you have chosen to self-distribute you need to ensure that all of the retailers are aware of your release’s details and how it can be ordered.


The details of chart returning retailers are confidential, so it is advised that you attempt to retail your release through as wide a variety of retailers as possible.

Millward Brown

Millward Brown is the market research company currently contracted by Official Charts Company to collect sales data.

The chart compilation system employs the largest market research sample currently in use in the UK and is one of the most sophisticated chart systems in the world. Millward Brown maintains a large database, the Product Master File, which details all known physical and digital audio and video releases.