Getting Releases Into The Charts

For record labels and other rights holders, getting your music into the Official Charts is likely to be one of the most important measurements of your success. But, there are several steps you need to take to make sure you are in the running – it is not simply a matter of releasing your music and hoping for the best.
Fundamentally, you should ensure that all of the formats you are releasing your music on comply with the chart rules and also obtain all of the codes necessary for registering your release for chart purposes by following these steps.


Ensure your release complies with the ‘Chart Rules’. There are rules that apply to physical and digital formats. If your release does not adhere to the chart rules it will not be eligible for any of the published charts, although OCC will still track sales of the product providing it has been registered correctly.
Full copies of the chart rules (singles and albums) are available to download from


Obtain a catalogue number and barcode for each of your physical formats. We can only track sales of those products with a unique barcode. For more information on barcodes go to the following website Alternatively your distributor (if you have one) will be able to assist you with both your catalogue numbers and barcodes.


Obtain an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) for each of your individual digital tracks and a digital barcode for each of your digital formats. We can only track sales of digital tracks with an ISRC and digital single or album formats with a digital barcode. For further information on ISRCs please see PPL's website or contact PPL via email on or on 020 7534 1122. You will also be able to obtain a barcode for digital use from