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One Pound Fish Man launches his Christmas Number 1 bid


One Pound Fish Man launches his Christmas Number 1 bid

By Dan Lane caught up with internet sensation Muhammad Shahid Nazir, AKA the £1 Fish Man to find out about his bid for this year’s Official Christmas Number 1.

31-year-old fish stall trader Muhammad Shahid Nazir has become a bit of a legend in East London’s Queen's Market for his £1 Fish Song. And after a fan filmed him singing his signature tune and posted it on YouTube, he’s become a viral sensation, too.

Shahid was also invited to audition for the X Factor earlier this year. Sadly, he didn’t make it through to the Boot Camp stage, but fear not – his growing fame has led to a record deal with One More Tune and his £1 Fish Song was released this week. And with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Rita Ora, Caroline Flack and Alesha Dixon (who even recorded her own cover version of it), he hope to become the Official 2012 Christmas Number 1. caught up with Shahid to find out what inspired the track, if Bollywood, Lollywood or indeed Hollywood have been knocking on his door, and what he’s got planned for his next single.