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Lisa Marie Presley on her father, Elvis


Lisa Marie Presley on her father, Elvis

By Dan Lane

To round off our week of Official Singles Chart 60th anniversary celebrations, we speak to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the most successful solo artist in UK chart history - Elvis.

Elvis Presley, or The King Of Rock And Roll as he would become to be know, made his UK chart debut in 1956 when his track Heartbreak Hotel peaked at Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart. Later that same year, he landed his first Number 1 single with All Shook Up. This would prove to be the first step on the way to setting the record for the most amount of Number 1 singles in British history. To date, Elvis has had 21 Number 1s., and has sold over 21.7 million singles in the UK alone.

Despite his tragic and untimely death in 1977, Elvis’ legacy remains incredibly strong in the UK. Over the last decade he has sold over 5.7 million albums and 2.2 million singles (this includes 1.3 million digital track downloads). In the last 18 months alone he has sold an incredible 317,000 albums and 333,000 track downloads.

“I think he would be surprised by his lasting legacy,” Lisa Marie tells “Any artist that I’ve ever know of, including my father, wouldn’t believe that they would be as appreciated as they are today because in life. they weren’t always.

“Here in the UK, there’s a real genuine adoration for him, and also just for music, which I why I ended up gravitating here,” she adds. “I feel a deep appreciation for my father and that has inspired me. It made me feel really, really proud. I think America sometimes loses sight of its own roots (laughs) and I am saying that as an American!

“I’m sure he’d be absolutely moved, surprised, shocked, flattered and honoured!”

Watch the full interview below: