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Bonnie Tyler gets set for Eurovision 2013


Bonnie Tyler gets set for Eurovision 2013

We caught up with chart legend Bonnie Tyler to find out about her new album, Rocks And Honey, and what she’s got in store for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

Bonnie Tyler, who is set to represent the UK next weekend in the Eurovision Song Contest, released her sixteenth studio album Rocks And Honey earlier this week. To celebrate her first new material in nearly eight years (and the UK’s first Eurovision win in nearly 16 years?! – well, we can dream, can’t we?) we invited the Welsh chart legend round for a chat!

The album’s lead single, Believe In Me, has been all over radio and TV since being announced as the UK’s entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. But, according to Bonnie, it was never intended to a Eurovision song.

“While I was in Nashville recording Rocks And Honey, I met up with Desmond Child who I’d worked with many years ago,” she explains. “So we went up for dinner at his house and he gave me some songs, and I really particularly loved Believe In Me and a track that’s on the album called Stubborn. But he said ‘But it isn’t finished Bonnie!’ So I said ‘I love this song, I’d love to record it.’ So he finished it at the dinner table, which is very, very unusual [laughs]. But that’s Desmond Child for you!”

The first time Bonnie will perform any of her new album live will be at Eurovision, which is set to take place in Malmo, Sweden next Saturday (May 18).

“Please support me!” asks Bonnie. “You know you can’t vote for your own country, so please vote for me if you’re not from the UK! Facebook your foreign friends and say ‘Will you support our Bonnie?’.”

We also asked Bonnie about her mega-hit, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, which reached Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart 30 years ago this year.

Total Eclipse Of The Heart was out like 30 years ago? But I’m only 39!” she laughs. “Thank god for Botox, that’s what I always say!”

Watch the full interview below: