Who is Maggie Lindemann? Five facts about the rising star behind emerging hit Pretty Girl

Get the lowdown on the 18-year-old as her breakthrough single rises the Official Singles Chart.

There's a surprise new star on the Official Singles Chart this week and her name is Maggie Lindemann. She seemingly came out of nowhere on this week's Official Chart Update with her breakthrough single Pretty Girl, but  - of course - she's actually been working really hard for years to get to this point.

LA-based Maggie has a whopping 3 million followers across social media, and she didn't earn a credible following for nothing - her talent speaks volumes, which led to a record label come knocking not long afterwards.

Now that she has made her Official Chart debut, here are five essential facts on Maggie to get you up to speed. 

Maggie is signed to the same label at Migos and Fetty Wap

Real name Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann, Maggie got her big break in September 2016 when she signed to 300 Entertainment, the US label home to the likes of Fetty Wap, Migos, Conrad Sewell, The Hunna, and Young Thug to name just a few. 

Pretty Girl is all about empowering women

"I'm more than just a picture, I'm a daughter and a sister. Sometimes it's hard for me to show, that I'm more than just a rumor." The lyrics to Pretty Girl aim to empower women to realise they are far from just pretty faces.

"Pretty Girl is about being more than just what people see online and girls being more than our physical appearances,” the singer told Billboard. “I think people need to look past just that and find what's deeper.” 

The song's message has definitely resonated with lots of people already - Pretty Girl's official video has over 6 million views on YouTube.

Maggie has collaborated with Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes have three UK Top 40 singles of their own, and the DJ trio's remix of Maggie's latest single has gotten new sets of ears on the uplifting single. On Spotify alone, the track has an impressive 52 million streams under its belt.

The remix has gained airplay from the likes of Kiss FM here in the UK, which would explain its new popularity on the Official Singles Chart. Coincidentally, Cheat Codes are signed to the same label as Maggie. A perfect match, you could say.

She's a huge fan of Lana Del Rey...

...and she's not afraid to bring her up when given the chance. "I love Lana. She’s adorable. Her mysterious personality and chill attitude work well together," Maggie told Galore, while she explained to Coveteur: "I love that she can be so mainstream but at the same time she is so different. Shes not even on the radio, yet shes so successful." We wonder who her dream collab would be...

Maggie released three singles prior to Pretty Girl

If you want more music from Maggie, then she has a further three tracks available in her back catalogue. Her debut single Knocking On Your Heart was released in September 2015, with future tracks Couple of Kids and Things striking a chord with fans as well.