Matt Cardle interview (Part 1)

Matt Cardle talks to aboout working with Gary Barlow, and his new single 'Run For Your Life'.

As last year’s X-Factor winner, Matt Cardle has got one mega-selling Official Number 1 single under his belt. And his new track ‘Run For Your Life’ could be a serious contender for this Sunday’s top spot, according to the Official Chart Update. Lisa Dunn caught up with Matt to find out all about his new track and who his favourite artists are.

Your new single ‘Run For Your Life’ was co-written by Gary Barlow. That’s very impressive!

Matt: “I had to make a couple of changes, but, yes, 99% of this song is Gary’s. When he sent it to me I related to it straight away; I’ve been in that position before where I’ve felt I’m not good enough to be with the person I’m with and couldn’t really give them what they needed. I’ve been trying to write that kind of song for a long time and when I heard it, I thought ‘Wow, Gary’s absolutely smacked it!’ The fact that he’d given me the all clear to go and sing it… Well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, could I? Thanks Gary!”

Have you been watching him on X Factor?

“I’ve seen tiny little clips. He’s a brilliant judge. He looks great, sat there giving it the biggun!”

Who do you rate in the Official Charts?

“Snow Patrol and Adele. I’d love to be compared to loads of artists. What I mean is, I’d like to be an individual but as successful as these people. I really rate James Blunt in what he did and the way he went about it. There’s a story that he wasn’t allowed his acoustic guitar inside the tank when he was in the army because of the room, so he had it strapped to the outside of the tank! He wrote all these songs, then sold millions of copies of his album, made all the money on this planet, then started making love to his gorgeous girlfriend on a yacht near Ibiza.”

What do you think of artists like Lady Gaga?

“I think she’s brilliant! The machine behind Gaga has worked so well. It’s a PR monster. All that rubbish about her being a man? Well it just made people look at her; to me it was quite see-through. Then everyone was looking at her and it was such a great thing to do. People were saying ‘Oh, she’s a hermaphrodite’ and everyone was thinking she was. Well no she’s not, she’s a great artist and that’s what drew people in. She’s great.”

Would you fancy any of her crazy stage costumes, Matt?

“No. You won’t find me wearing any meat!”

What’s your favourite all time song?

“‘Bullet In The Head’ by Rage Against the Machine.”

Favourite artist?

“That’s such a hard question! Probably [Pearl Jam frontman] Eddie Vedder.”

Who is on your iPod that we wouldn’t expect?

“Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.”

Did you listen to the Charts as a child?

“I did. It’s incredible that I’m part of that. It feels great. It’s something that you don’t realise until you look back on it. While you’re involved in it it’s a bit weird. You’re not seeing it from the outside point-of-view like you did last time.”

Good luck in the Charts this week with ‘Run For Your Life!’


You can read Part 2 of our interview with Matt next week which will coincide with the release of his debut album, ‘Letters’.