Jeremy Corbyn backed by Skepta and JME's grime label Boy Better Know in upcoming general election with launch of Grime 4 Corbyn website

Corbyn was listed on Wikipedia as a member of the London grime collective.

In case you missed the memo, there's a general election in the UK next month. 

With the parties currently laying out their manifestos, it seems the grime scene has firmly made their minds up on who to vote for on June 8 already.

Boy Better Know - the grime collective and record label set up Skepta and JME - have launched a new website today (May 16) called Grime4Corbyn in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

As well as encouraging fans to sign up to vote, the website also allows people to win tickets to a secret rave, which presumably will happen before June 8.

JME met with Corbyn earlier this week to discuss how to engage Britain's youth with politics.

And in brilliant scenes earlier today, Boy Better Know's Wikipedia page entry was changed to include the politician as one of the members of the crew, and Labour's Manifesto (2017) added to the group's discography. It has since been removed, but it was fun while it lasted: 

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