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Shortlist for Official Charts Pop Gem #50: Charity Singles

Posted Friday, 21 March 2014  /  Written by Justin Myers  /  Leave a comment

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Every week, we ask you to nominate your fave Pop Gems, those overlooked classics we don't hear enough.

This week, for our 50th Pop Gem, we asked you to suggest a theme. Loads of great suggestions came in, but we went for Charity Singles, from Facebook fan Isaac Hodgson. From the deadly serious to the fantastically silly, loads of suggestions came in.

See who made the final cut and check out our playlist of all 10 contenders

Pop Gem 50: You choose the theme!

Posted Wednesday, 19 March 2014  /  Written by Justin Myers  /  Leave a comment

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Every week, we ask for your overlooked, cherished Pop Gems – those songs that used to be a permanent fixture on the radio, or bring back amazing memories, but simply don’t get heard enough any more.

So far you have helped to select 49 of those retro classics, usually based on a theme we give you guys, but as we celebrate reaching the 50th Pop Gem, we thought we’d get you guys to suggest the theme!

Find out how to get involved!

Shortlist for Official Charts Pop Gem #49: Number 2s

Posted Friday, 14 March 2014  /  Written by Justin Myers  /  Leave a comment

Number 2

Last week our search for overlooked classic tunes took us to Forgotten Number 1s; this week, we’re moving down just a place. Our Pop Gem theme this week is Number 2s.

They’re the also-rans, the ones that nearly made it but stalled at the last minute in the face of a track that had the backing to go all the way. There’s no prize for reaching Number 2, until now…

Check out our final contenders and watch all the vids in our playlist

Shortlist for Official Chart Pop Gem #48: Overlooked Number 1s

Posted Friday, 7 March 2014  /  Written by Justin Myers  /  Leave a comment

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In our weekly search for Pop Gems, those overlooked classics, we usually go for the unsung heroes, the underdogs that either never quite made the big time or have been forgotten all too soon.

But what about the songs that *do* make it all the way?

Not every chart-topper stays famous, and our theme this week is Forgotten Number 1s – the big hits that burned bright, but now nobody really recalls their moment of glory. We decided it was time to change that.

Check out the Pop Gem contenders and watch our video playlist of all finalists